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+17 flight hours
Up to 14 kg [31 lb] payload
3.82 m [12.5 ft] wingspan


A single platform convertible between vertical and horizontal takeoff. No ITAR restricted components. A real UAV - eVTOL platform


More than 17 hours of flight in horizontal mode and more than 8 in vertical takeoff. Both at maximum 4,500 meters AGL ISA

MTOW of 38 kg in HTOL, 42 kg in VTOL configuration


14 kg (31 lb) in HTOL mode or 5 kg (11 lb) in payload VTOL mode, 100% convertible between fuel, batteries, or payload. No ballasts to adjust the center of gravity


Programmable and computer-assisted manual mode. Smart autopilot with emergency management module


Redundancy in critical navigation, power, electrical, wiring, servo actuators, and autopilot systems

A maximum speed of 110 km/h, and 90 km/h cruising speed.

Below cloud level stealth


Command center in different configurations: Tablet, Briefcase, Vehicle Mounted or Fixed

Computer Sketch

Smart Autopilot

  • Minimize human error

  • Landing abort when it loses track alignment automatically executes a new attempt

  • Smart return to base, following the same outbound flight path, avoiding detection, obstacles, and restricted flight zones

  • Automatic return to base on communication failure, low fuel, or GPS failure

  • Automated speed management to increase flight time (default) or maximize distance traveled

  • Computer-assisted manual flight mode option

  • Constant monitoring of sensors in engines with automated fault response management

  • Automatic runway selection depending on runway wind conditions

  • In vertical takeoff and landing, it automatically maintains vertical over the point despite the wind, avoiding obstacles or an off-target landing

  • In conventional take-off and landing, it maintains the course automatically despite the wind, avoiding obstacles, to complete a safe landing operation

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