Long range, long endurance surveillance over fixed or moving targets. Detect trespassing, theft and vandalism in complete audio and visual stealth, in real time, while identifying objectives for tailing or immediate call to action. Provides the strategic and tactical advantage in sensitive missions like escort, patrol or day-night observation support


Gather crucial information for real time decision making. History has proven that battles (and money making) are won or lost by intelligence data, more importantly than any other factors. Nothing beats real time data while saving human lives


Situational awareness. Learn and evaluate undetected, from far away, in complete safety. Detect obstacles, faults, problems and challenges to plan the strategy before jumping into action

Unmatched Redundancy

DroneTech UAV

Our company conceives, patents, designs, develops, tests, manufactures and sells cutting edge, unique, flexible, modular, highly differentiated UAV platforms with the highest degree of software algorithms that produce an intelligent, 100% autonomous autopilot

We are the only twin engine fixed wing convertible horizontal and vertical UAV in the world, with performance and stealth equal to none

Over 10 years of research and development stand behind us

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